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Is Tropical - Mao Livehouse, Shanghai

Is Tropical is a young mysterious trio coming from London and performing with veiled faces… They describe their music as a bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music. And we are all very excited to have them on board!

The band entered the studio in the autumn of 2009 with Jimmy Robertson (Klaxons / Friendly Fires) to record their debut album, the first fruits of which was the lush ‘SOUTH PACIFIC’ single released in Jan 2011. South Pacific, their second release and first for Kitsuné, was mixed by LEXXX (Crystal Castles /Gwen Stefani) and received great praise for the development and sophistication in its sound. Around this time IS TROPICAL toured the UK and Europe as special guests of Klaxons, The Big Pink and Mystery Jets and have subsequently grown into a mesmerizing live act, effortlessly combining a late night strobing club show with infectious, sing along pop songs.

In March of 2011 they announced details of their debut long player “Native to”. This would be proceeded by the single “The Greeks” with its now infamous accompanying viral smash of a video directed by Megaforce (2,500.000 + and counting plays on Youtube). After the successful release of “Native to”, the band spent the summer months touring the European festival circuit to great acclaim, scheduled a trip to Japan, and have recently released a follow up single “Lies” in the autumn of 2011.

Not just limited to their home country IS TROPICAL has garnered worldwide appeal for their music and we are proud to be inviting them to China for the very first time. Supporting them will be one of China's most sought after electronic/live band's Duck Fight Goose from Shanghai.

Is Tropical由伦敦的三个年轻人组成,这个电子组合一直蒙着面纱演出以保持神秘感。他们称自己的音乐是重低音、节拍控、流行向、低保真的跳舞音乐。让人兴奋的是这支去年的大热组合马上要开始他们的上海之行了! 

Is Tropical在2009年的秋天和制作人Jimmy Robertson(Klaxons/Friendly Fires)开始第一张专辑的录制,并在2011年1月率先发表了单曲“SOUTH PACIFIC”。其后他们签约电子大厂Kitsuné并发表了第二张单曲“South Pacific”,由LEXXX(Crystal Castles/Gwen Stefani)负责混音,这张单曲倍受赞誉,越来越多的人加入Is Tropical的支持者阵营。

这段时间,Is Tropical还为Klaxons、The Big Pink和Mystery Jets的英国/欧洲巡演担任暖场嘉宾。随后,他们开始独自演出,巧妙结合了深夜俱乐部秀的感染力和流行歌曲段落。 
2011年3月,Is Tropical宣布第一张全长专辑“Native To”正式发表。同期发行的单曲“The Greeks”伴随着一段大热网络视频(而出名,这个由导演Megaforce拍摄制作的视频在Youtube上短时间内积攒了超过250万次播放。成功的处子专辑发行后的夏天,Is Tropical开始了欧洲各大音乐节巡演,然后启程前往日本演出,受到极高评价。

2011年秋天,Is Tropical继续发行了新单曲“Lies”。 Is Tropical的音乐旅程不仅仅在英国停留,S.T.D.非常荣幸邀请他们在今年8月第一次来到中国演出。为他们暖场的将是沪上大热的实验电子摇滚团体Duck Fight Goose。