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HOUSEMEISTER & DAS GLOW - The Shelter, Shanghai

BNR and S.T.D. are joining forces to bring together a once off showcase like no other. German techno junkies and all round dancefloor slayers: HOUSEMEISTER and DAS GLOW of Boys Noize records will be landing in the Shelter to deliver a midweek party of apocalyptic proportions. The idea is a pop-up event. Bringing back the idea of last minute promotions, word of mouth and an underground party atmosphere. Being surprised for all the right reasons. With entry fee at only 50RMB, cheap drinks and a sound system in a bomb shelter...what more could you ask for? Well not much more really, but you also get local DJs R3 and Linfeng. Thursday 9th of August at The Shelter with S.T.D. and Boys Noize Records...go put it in your diary now.


"the best DJ on earth!" - Modeselektor

Housemeister never sleeps.Playing everywhere and every weekend ever since '97, the legendary DJ has cultivated his own brand of rave around the world: relentless, hardcore, dirty dancefloor ecstasy. Hands in the air, booties bouncing: techno in its total beauty. 4 releases on Ellen Alien's BPitch Control, a killer debut album „Enlarge your Dose“ on Boysnoize Records; 10 tracks and his legendary second album „Who is that Noize?“on his own label allyoucanbeat; several more BNR maxis and the march 2011 release of full-length madness „Shizzo“, produced with BoysNoize himself, have certainly kicked Housemeister on top of the pile of world class hellraisers and prepared audiences for his latest solo album effort out on BNR: „Music is Awesome“.


Originally a jeweller, Damien Granier turned to music when he discovered the French Touch, Bpitch Control and German minimalism. His introductory salvo, Weiss Gaz, was one of the most unique-sounding electro record to date, and it attracted the most diverse and enlightened following, from Simian Mobile Disco to Boys Noize to Miss Kittin to MSTRKRFT.

After much touring and remixing, Das Glow came back with Sunburnt, a new attempt at building funk machines from tangled drum patterns, dismantled mech parts and faulty systems. When I Want To Wake Up With You appeared on Alan Braxe's famed Vulture imprint, the dance world discovered that in Das Glow's avant-garde chest beat a heart capable of turning a Boris Gardiner sample into a gorgeous homage to the original French Touch, complete with emoting filters.His work has been thrashed out by a series of top DJs and producers including Erol Alkan and Boys Noize.


Boysnoize Records联合S.T.D.为上海的电音迷们带来在未来再无可能重现的大趴。

来自Boysnoize Records的两员大将:Housemeister和Das Glow,如Techno贩子和舞池杀手一般登陆Shelter防空洞,来拯救你们世界末日年的周中夜晚!




Housemeister有着不用睡觉的精力,从97年开始他就在世界各地的周末演出。这个传奇DJ慢慢形成自己的独有风格:冷酷、硬核、肮脏、跳舞、忘形。在他手舞足蹈的现场演出中全面展现了Techno的美感。Ellen Alien的BPitch Control厂牌曾为Housemeister出版了最早的四张单曲,然后他移籍BNR发表了惊为天人的第一张专辑“Enlarge Your Dose”,随后又在自己的厂牌All You Can Beat发表了里程碑级别的第二张专辑“Who Is That Noise?”。在BNR,Housemeister推出一系列的单曲,其中“Shizzo”由Boys Noize亲自操刀制作,Boys Noize确信Housemeister一定是世界上最好DJ阵营中的一员。Housemeister最近的一张专辑“Music IS Awesome”亦在BNR旗下发行。德国的电子大团Modeselektor说:“他就是地球上最好的DJ了啊!”。

Das Glow(德国)

Das Glow原本是个珠宝匠,直到有一天他发现了French Touch、BPitch Control以及德式极简主义,于是便一头扎进了音乐的世界。他的小试牛刀之作“Weiss Gaz”是一张独一无二的电子作品,吸引了无数人的关注,从Simian Mobile Disco到Boys Noize,从Miss Kittin到MSTRKRFT。在一连串的巡演和remix经验后,Das Glow用一张单曲“Sunburnt”回归,他试图从复杂的鼓点中去除繁复的部分以打造全新的疯克机器。当单曲“When I Want To Wake Up With You”出现在Alan Braxe著名的Vulture厂牌的出版列表上时,Das Glow又进一步用他撞击心灵的先锋派创作才华去挖掘舞曲世界,他采样Boris Gardiner的作品,用情绪让它华丽致敬早期的French Touch。在Das Glow的职业生涯里,一直同最顶尖的DJ和制作人一起工作,其中便包括了Erol Alkan和Boys Noize。

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