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Zombie Nation - IBIZA, Shanghai

S.T.D. and Ibiza are thrilled to bring you another top DJ in a string of international top tier acts coming to Shanghai this month. Zombie Nation boasts having one of the most remixed songs ever, collaborating with TIGA with the electro madness of “ZZT” and also firmly solidified in the world as one of the top producers in his video game infused electro/techno/house crossover. STDJs will be supporting with their infectious selections.

Zombie Nation came to life in 1999 when the first 12 inch record was released on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records. Before Zombie Nation was born, the ZN mastermind Florian Senfter who also goes by the name John Starlight or Mr. Splank used to spend his time squatting abandoned factories to organize parties with his back then crew in Munich/Germany.

He isn't your run of the mill producer. In fact heʼs not your run of the mill anything. From turning pre-historic video game soundtracks into top ten hits and creating tracks from collages of weird sounds fans have penned, to donning demented wigs while bouncing maniacally during his electrifying live sets – nothing is too far-fetched for this man. His earliest was with his smash hit “kernkraft 400” of which he said himself “I created a Monster, it developed a life of it’s own”. The song is considered be one of the most remixed electronic songs ever.

Splank kept on doing his thing and released the 3rd ZN Album “Black Toys” in 2006. It was highly acclaimed by fans and critics for it’s diversity and organic feel. It was with 2006 album ʻBlack Toysʼ that he really nailed his signature sound. Dirty, funk-fuelled analogue grooves laden with ingenious melodies and other-worldly production techniques, delivered via a plethora of the most aurally orgasmic outboard toys. 

That is the name of Zombieʼs game. 2009ʼs ʻZombieliciousʼ saw him take this already feverishly dynamic blueprint and turn the distortion up to 11. The LP was the unmistakable sound of a producer on top of his game and having a ball at the same time. 

Zombie Nation collaborated with Tiga on their ZZT project in 2007 they released first EP Lower State of Consciousness on UKW and Turbo Recordings.

Zombie Nation是来自德国慕尼黑的DJ/制作人Florian Senfter(他还有很多化名,如Splank!、John Starlight等等)的个人Techno团体,以充满活力的live现场而著称,繁多的硬件成为他占领舞池的有力武器。 

发迹于DJ Hell的International DeeJay Gigolo厂牌旗下的Zombie Nation在1999年以双人阵容发表了第一张单曲“Kernkraft 400”,这首8-bit混音作品采样自Commondore 64游戏“Lazy Jones”。这首处子作品席卷世界各地的榜单,取得出乎意料的好成绩,其中就包括了在英国榜单上的第二名。 

发行了第一张专辑“Leichenschmaus”后,Zombie Nation从2000年开始单枪匹马活跃于各个不同的厂牌,随后又一首大热曲目“Blood Angels”以John Starlight的化名发表。之后工作重心再次转向Zombie Nation,时隔四年后在自己创立的Dekathlon厂牌下发行了第二张专辑“Absorber”。2006年他发表的第三张专辑“Black Toy”中充满了Funk口味的Electro质感,重新定义了他独有的Techno法则。 

与加拿大电子大咖Tiga的合作始于2007年,两人组成的电子双人组ZZT创作的单曲“Lower State of Consciousness”在Tiga自己的Turbo厂牌下发行,并被无数舞曲合辑收录其中。而首张专辑“Partys Over Earth”亦于2011年修成正果,受到众多好评。 

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