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位于上海的S.T.D.是多种奇趣物质的混合,它是一个派对动物们的大家族,一个逃离糟糕主流音乐的庇护所。它是一个实验、一次融合、一场派对。它是一场声音和电子的冒险。S.T.D. 邀请你同我们一起占领舞池!

Hello, Whilst I’m readying my first finely crafted post I thought I would take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Sam and I have lived in Shanghai for nigh on 6 long years. I am the co-founder of a creative agency/design studio called Jellymon. We have 2 offices, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing. I also like to fancy myself as somewhat of a lowbrow cultural commentator, in as much as I like cool shit and I quite often enjoy taking to blogs (especially of the microscopic kind such as twitter and of late my new digital love, Weibo) to share said flights of fancy.

a photo I recently took of a shrimp eating a carrot.

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