Apr 6 // S.T.D. WHITE @ The Shelter | S.T.D.
位于上海的S.T.D.是多种奇趣物质的混合,它是一个派对动物们的大家族,一个逃离糟糕主流音乐的庇护所。它是一个实验、一次融合、一场派对。它是一场声音和电子的冒险。S.T.D. 邀请你同我们一起占领舞池!

Reggie/R3 is a music producer, remixer, DJ and co-creator of the Chinese party revelation S.T.D. He is currently waiting patiently for the next season of Game of Thrones (almost as patiently as he's been waiting to grow facial hair). His favourite animal is the giant squid.

S.T.D. will heading through Shanghai’s infamous underground tunnel on Friday, April 6th, to turn The Shelter into a scene from a dystopian sci-fi landscape. The walls will be decked with black lights and glowing people of all origins will be coming together to celebrate the end of a bleak, wet and frosty winter.

Come down to enjoy the birth of light, good weather and the next chapter for Shanghai 2012. In doing so, we have put together a fantastic line up of DJs from different backgrounds to set Shanghai’s most famous bomb shelter alight.

Back from the depths of Beijing will see the return of 8-bit maestro, Sulumi. Founder of China’s most famous electronic label – Shanshui, and considered one of the most successful Chinese electronic producers to make their mark on the international scene. Supporting Sulumi will be S.T.DJ regulars Lin Feng and Ado8 with special guest sets from HBD and DJ Zammo from the VOID crew.

Prepare yourself in white clothes for a black light party at The Shelter with some of China’s best talents helping transcend a night beyond musical genres and stereotypes. Come in WHITE, come with friends and come unprotected.

S.T.D. WHITE @ The Shelter

Friday, April 6th
Doors: 10pm
DJs: Sulumi (BJ), Lin Feng, DJ Zammo, HBD, Ado 8
Entrance: 40RMB

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