Kingdom Interview: Day Parties, Booty Music & Mariah Carey


We caught up with Kingdom and had a chat about his label Fade to Mind, Booty Music & Mariah Carey.

In a nutshell, what is Fade To Mind?

It's a collective of friends who DJ and make music together.  Everyone brings their own flavor but there are common threads throughout the audio and visual aesthetic - dark, soulful, otherworldly, industrial, sexy, and club-ready.


You’ll be headlining our day party before hopping over to the club to play, how differently will you be approaching those sets?

During the day I will provide a lot of booty music with some inappropriately dark moments thrown in, and lots of vocal edits. The night set will be ravey and fast with some unexpected emotional moments.

The Bund Shanghai - Overlooked by our Rooftop Party @ Pop Bar (20th Aug 1400-2200)

The Bund Shanghai - Overlooked by our Rooftop Party @ Pop Bar (20th Aug 1400-2200)

Tell us about your fondest memory playing outside a club..

Long ago there was a Ustream we recorded at NGUZUNGUZU's old house in Chinatown Los Angeles. We had a bunch of CDJs and samplers hooked up to the mixer, and some Beyonce live performances were playing on a TV in the background, smoke and mirrors were also involved.

Have your previous trips to Asia influenced your sound or what you listen to?

The experience has been amazing and influential in a more general and maybe visual way, but in terms of music I feel like I learn more about Asian pop music in LA than I do overseas.

How’s the new album coming along? How heavily will Kelela feature?

Its finally really close now! I got the chance to work with Syd Tha Kid and SZA on the project which was an amazing experience, I'm thrilled to get these sounds out into the world. At the moment Kelela is finishing up her debut which is sounding incredible from what I've heard, and we've been in touch, still hoping she can hop on a feature once she finishes her project.

Who do we need to keep an eye on moving into 2017?

Aside from my album, we are releasing a mega remix pack of the 'Infrared' EP by Dawn Richard, plus multiple new projects from Leonce and Massacooramaan.

What are your top 5 most played songs on iTunes?

I haven't played a whole song off iTunes for almost a decade but it's telling me Mariah Carey, Amerie, Teedra Moses, Yummy Bingham, and Teyana Taylor.

Kingdom will be in action at our Rooftop Party on 20th August before he hops over the Arkham for the Night Slugs showcase with Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990. Heavy!