What to expect from Lapalux's Live Show

The Independent heralded him as "the Barry White of electronica". XLR8R went on to say his music was "like the R&B of another time and place, transmitted from an unknown planet in a distant galaxy into the mind of a wildly creative sound designer.”  So what can we expect from this Saturday's live show in Arkham from this hugely talented young producer? 

Well, if you've been working on someone to fall in love with you then, lover, this is the gig to catch your prey. Lapalux's music makes people fall in love. So expect the hair on your skin to stand up straight. And if you are not into humans but machines are your thing, Lapalux has you covered with a full audio/visual show to stroke your senses the right way. Utilizing a Push 2 and an MPD32 triggering samples and effects alongside a separate computer running his own visuals feed, Lapalux will have a sensory arsenal at his fingertips.

From soulful R&B flavoured cuts to bass infused, futuristic mangled beats, Lapalux will make sure there won't be a dull moment during his show. Seal the deal, and head to Arkham this Saturday to feel things you may not have thought you could feel. 

Check out these LIVE performances to prepare you for the show:

他被称之为电子乐圈的"Barry White",XLR8R杂志同时也评论他的音乐为“像是另一个空间的R&B,从一个未知的行星传输到这个充满创意的声音设计师脑袋中。”那么这周六我们可以从这位天赋音乐人的演出中期待些什么呢?