Onra's world debut of his latest 'Chinoiseries' album in China

Paris-based Producer and DJ, Onra is known well for his soulful expression of vintage hip-hop through an international lens. His career kicked off in 2006 with his first album release and has since been bookmarked by a number of full-lengths, invitation to the Red Bull Music Academy, several funky mixtapes and constant flow of interesting collabs.

One of Onra’s more interesting projects is his Chinoiseries compilation (parts 1 and 2). Onra gained a lot of momentum from Chinoiseries which was spawned from a stint in Asia where he collected a heap of Chinese and Vietnamese pop tracks. These were later cut up and reworked into his retro hip-hop beatscape, packed with a plethora of tasty head-nodding beats and sporadic Mandarin rants with Asian instruments. 

This was his second time to China and he performed the 'Chinoiseries' to a rammed Arkham on NYE! He also gave us a sneak peak of his new forthcoming 'Chinoiseries' album, it truly was an amazing night in Shanghai and the best way to kick off 2016.

'The new Chinoiseries album is ready and China had to have the world premiere!' - ONRA, 2016


Photos by: Jarry

For the full album click here.