The past few weeks have been so strong, and we’re tailing it with even more talent. This week, we welcome one of Singapore’s leading DJ’s and tastemaker; his name is Mr. Has.

Mr. Has is a veteran in Singapore’s bustling nightlife. He’s operated numerous bars and restaurants, held a residency at Phuture (of the Zouk family), and now serves as Music Director for W Singapore. He’s been praised for introducing cutting-edge sounds to Singapore’s music scene, championing an eclectic mix of tunes in his performances.

We’re pumped to host him at Arkham in his Shanghai debut. I had a chance to speak to Mr. Has about his role at W Hotel, Singapore’s music scene, and being labeled one of the most stylish men in the world. You won’t want to miss his show this Friday, August 21st!


Hey Has, how’s your summer been so far?

So far so good! Load of fun projects and gigs in the region. 


It’s great to have you at Arkham. Is this your first time performing in Shanghai?

Yes it is! Looking forward to it.


Let’s talk about your music. You’ve built quite a reputation back home for your cross-genre music. Was having an eclectic sound already something popular in Singaporean clubs when you first started DJing?

Not really, it was something that I wanted to break out from. Everyone at that time kinda belong to specific genre like a hip hop DJ or a techno DJ etc. I wanted to be just a dj that simply promotes tasteful music. In the end good music is simply good music.


It’s pretty rare to see Singaporean names at international clubs and festivals, but from my experience Singaporeans absolutely love dance music. How has the scene there changed since you first started performing?

From good house music, techno, drum & bass and hip hop from late 90s to the current EDM craze today. You get the picture!