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Based in Shanghai, S.T.D. (Sonically Transmitted Disease) is a collective.
A family. An escape from trends and bad music. An experiment. A collaboration. A party.
A venture between the acoustic and the electronic. S.T.D. is a purpose, we invite you all to come unprotected.

Josh and I went on the highspeed train from Shanghai to Beijing the other day. It’s very good. If it wasn’t for the fact that the final stop in Beijing appears to be in Pudong it would be much better than the plane.

We read the other day that the tracks in some of the new stations are built on sand. I didn’t notice though. I also read that the day after we travelled one of the trains got stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power etc. for hours.

I had dreams of traveling to Da Dong for lunch, which though technically doable would be an absolute mish.

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