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Last week apple updated their operating system to OS X Lion. Among the many neat additions is the ability to have multiple desktops and use a variety of wallpapers to go with them.

To help keep your desktops organized we’ve made a set of English and Chinese wallpapers which can be used on up to 9 desktop screens (depending on the mac you are using).

To grab these please download here (if you’re in the west) or here (if you’re in China and without a VPN).

A preview of the full set can be found on our Flickr page.

There are some small instructions to get these working properly.

To set a desktop wallpaper simply hit control + mouse/trackpad click on your first desktop (which can be accessed from Mission Control).

This will bring up the following screen:

From here click Change Desktop Background which will then lead you here:

First step is to click the + icon on the left and add the Jellymon wallpaper folder you downloaded.

Next, choose the first Jellymon wallpaper and double click.

Repeat this process for the other wallpapers until you’ve done one for each of your desktops.

Finally go to the Mission Control section of System Preferences:

Here make sure you untick Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use.

Do that and you’ll be good to go with all your new wallpapers in order! Enjoy!

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