Minecraft Super Mario Creation | S.T.D.
Based in Shanghai, S.T.D. (Sonically Transmitted Disease) is a collective.
A family. An escape from trends and bad music. An experiment. A collaboration. A party.
A venture between the acoustic and the electronic. S.T.D. is a purpose, we invite you all to come unprotected.

Reggie/R3 is a music producer, remixer, DJ and co-creator of the Chinese party revelation S.T.D. He is currently waiting patiently for the next season of Game of Thrones (almost as patiently as he's been waiting to grow facial hair). His favourite animal is the giant squid.

Three guys spent around four weeks, 6-7 hours a day and racking up a total of around 500 hours using 18 million blocks to recreate the first level of Super Mario Brothers. This is just simply fucking awesome. Check out the final product and the making of below.

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