Future Techno | S.T.D.
Based in Shanghai, S.T.D. (Sonically Transmitted Disease) is a collective.
A family. An escape from trends and bad music. An experiment. A collaboration. A party.
A venture between the acoustic and the electronic. S.T.D. is a purpose, we invite you all to come unprotected.

Under the moniker Clash The Disko Kids, Kurt is one of the most prominent people in Singapore’s electronic dance music scene, famous for his sharp selection of scintillating tunes and slick beats. When he’s not behind the decks, Kurt spends his daylight hours within the yellow walls of his digital agency, as a digital strategist with creative web-savvy experience and an intricate understanding of content development,technology and social media.

Techno is the music of visionaries and technology lovers. Techno music could just be that one first step which will help humanity to safely transition into the era of technology – with no fear, and no doubts.

As a celebration of human success, and our beautiful inquisitive intellect, techno exists within those who understand and appreciate it. There are people who hear the music of progress and evolution even in small and simple things that surround us.

Techno music reflects our effort to live in harmony with the technology and nature. Some people love it for its form, melody and the rhythm, some people love it for its idea and the concept and some are simply letting chemicals dictate what they think and feel.

Some at the other hand, take the next step and abandon the habit of passive listening and start interacting with music realising how much more rewarding it is to create than simply receive. Availability of modern computers and intuitive audio software today, makes it really easy for any motivated individual to interact, manipulate, design sounds and compose music.

At raves we are controlled by the beat, we’re willing to unite and feel the energy of the collective – something we don’t experience every day – even though we live in the system where we all function together and exist as a community.

So what is future techno? Well, hit the play button below and find out yourself.

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  1. r3ggie says: 

    Mar 7, 2012


    future is here

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    Nov 9, 2012



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