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即将呈现 Upcoming | S.T.D. Presents ZHU BLACKLIZT 8-19 @Shanghai


Date: Sat,19th Aug

Dress code: All Black

Where:Arkham,168 Julu Road,Shanghai

At the Door: 350


In an ever-shifting social landscape of self-promotion and curated digital identities, ZHU is a unique voice making a name for himself, without ever having mentioned it. With a Grammy nomination and underground hits accumulating almost half a billion online plays, ZHU is an inspiration for the entrepreneurial millennials who shun the status quo in favor of Cultural exploration and game-changing creationism.

2014年初,ZHU发布了自己的第一张EP<THE NIGHTDAY>。传统意义来说刚出道的新人一定迫不及待地在各个平台大肆宣扬自己的新作,然而ZHU可不是几句“传统说法”能说得清的音乐人。


就在ZHU出道的同年,他的单曲Faded获得了格莱美提名。在格莱美光环的加持下,ZHU马不停蹄发行了第二张EP <GENSIS SERIES>。这张EP加入Skrillex的合作,ZHU超越了自己已有的里程碑又一次在音乐圈中掀起了翻转潮流的电子风暴。

In early 2014, the phantom artist ignited word of mouth hype via viral guerrilla marketing when respected influencers championed his debut THE NIGHTDAYEP despite zero Self-promotion from the silent musician. After a Grammy nomination for the lead single "Faded', ZHU’s follow up EP featured a second single with 100M+ streams, this time a collaboration with Skrillex. With coverage from Pitchfork to The New York Times, the EP was critically acclaimed as a worldly collection of music appreciated for its immaculate attention to detail and groundbreaking Sonic concepts.

Pitchfork, The New York Times等各大知名媒体与音乐杂志终于盼来期待已久的话题人物,争先将这个神秘的蒙面男孩刊登在自己的专题首页。ZHU的新单<GENSIS SERIES>被挑剔的乐评家评价为“精妙绝伦的音乐集,无可挑剔的细节与天马行空的创意将电子音乐上升到另一个次元“。



ZHU’s debut album GENERATIONWHY, was the top streamed new album the week of its release. With projects like animated shorts scored to music, a fashion line, and digital art activations, his shows incorporate all of his work. Combining cinematic beauty, with avant-garde fashion, live music performances, and art installations, ZHU fans never know what to expect next.


nightday cover.jpg




20亿流媒体收听 / 200 milion+ total Streams

#1 首张专辑(澳大利亚)/ #1 debut overall album (AUS)

#3 首张舞曲专辑(美国)/ #3 debut dance album (US)

单曲<Faded>获得格莱美提名/ Single "Faded' achieves Grammy nomination

 双白金销量(澳大利亚)/ Achieved double platinum record Sales (AUS)

#1 billboard 年度舞曲/ #1 Billboard Dance Song of The Year

#1 Triple 最多播放量/ #1 most played Song on Triple

#1 Shazamed年度单曲 (伦敦)/ #1 most Shazamed Song (London)

#1 BBC Radio1 两周内最多播放歌曲/ #1 most played track on BBC Radio1 (2 weeks)

“One of the most musically sophisticated of the Current generation of music producers’ - NEW YORKTIMES
genesis series.jpg





22亿流媒体收听/ 225 milion+ total Streams

3首歌登顶 Hype M/ 3 songs peaked at #1 On Hype M.

登上iTunes舞曲专辑第二名/ Debuted #2 on the iTunes dance album charts

4首歌登上 Spotify Global Viral/ 4 songs peaked top 10 on Spotify Global Viral Charts

Automatic成为Triple J最多播放歌曲/ ‘Automatic’ Was Triple J's most played single

Working For It 获得的主流媒体成就/ Working Fort' achieves mainstream digital Success

英国单曲前100名/  Top 100 on UK's Singles chart  

Aria认证白金销量/ Asia certified platinum (AUS)

Spotify全球前一百首单曲/ Global top 100 single on Spotify

It bridges the gap between lofty house vibes and radio-ready dance grooves, sophisticated but never pompous. - Billboard


generationwhy cover.png


12亿流媒体收听/ 125 milion+ total Streams

4首歌登顶 Hype M/ 4 songs peaked at #1 on Hype M.

#1 Billboard舞曲/电音专辑/ #1 dance/electronic album on Billboard

#1 iTunes 舞曲专辑/ #1 iTunes top dance album

#1 Spotify发行当周最佳新专辑/ #1 most streamed new album on Spotify during release week

"GENERATIONWHY' is a coming-out party for ZHU… to drop some of the Smoke-and-mirrors  surrounding his rollout, and to redefine voice in dance music.' - LA TIMES
"The song embodies a youthful summer. Amen. Windows down, Volume up' -THE FADER

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