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STD presents: Machinedrum

STD presents: Machinedrum

S.T.D. Presents Machinedrum Solo Live Set
Date: 2017 Dec 9th
Where: Arkham, 168 Julu Road, Shanghai.
Price: Presale 预售 ¥80 DOOR 现场 ¥100

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North Carolina-born artist Travis Stewart, known as Machinedrum, occupies a perhaps unique place in US electronic music. His debut as Machinedrum, Now You Know, was released in 2001 on pioneering Miami-based Merck Records and gained worldwide attention and praise from musicians, fans and critics. Having a strong background in both acoustic and electronic instrumentation, he was quickly able to navigate those various elements on his early releases, from field recording and vintage synth-laden Urban Biology to his seminal production and mixing of This Charming Mixtape with MC Theophilus London and his critically acclaimed 2009 album Want To 1 2?

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Perhaps his boldest release came in the form of the full-length LP Vapor City on Ninja Tune, a conceptual universe which included an interactive website, digital citizenship program for fans, and an art exhibit in NYC that launched with the album. With subsequent EPs, exclusive remixes from a series of heavyweights including dBridge and Om Unit, and a critically-acclaimed world tour, Vapor City carried on his rich exploration of multimedia arts and music. Since that record’s release, he has collaborated with Jimmy Edgar (as JETS) on The Chants EP; released Movin’ Forward, a tribute EP in memory of (and using unfinished collaborations with) footwork legend DJ Rashad; revisited his long-running collaboration with Braille as Sepalcure on the LP Folding Time, as well as delivered a bunch of superb remixes for acts including Rudimentaland Daktyl.

Since the release of Vapor City, Stewart has once again relocated, moving from New York to Echo Park in Los Angeles and released a new record, Human Energy. Lighter, brighter, full of energy and warmth, with a stellar cast of guests, Human Energy is set to take Machinedrum from an aficionado’s best-kept secret to his rightful place amongst the biggest stars of American dance music.


美国北卡罗来纳有个叫Travis Stewart小男孩4岁的时候从爷爷那里收到人生里的第一把吉他。与很多人家中落得在角落积灰的命运不同, 这把吉他为Stewart打开了音乐世界的大门。多年以后,名为Machinedrum的电子音乐制作人用主题前卫,风格超前的作品不断惊艳见惯稀奇古怪的音乐市场。

Machinedrum正是那个收到人生第一把吉他高兴得无以言表的小男孩Travis Stewart。

Machinedrum在美国电子音乐界的地位可以用独一无二来形容。他的首张专辑 《Now You Know》发行于2001年,获得了全球范围内的好评和关注。尽管自己的头衔是“电子音乐制作人”,Machinedrum精通的可远远不止局限于电子器材的混音技术。在不同乐器的陪伴下长大的Machinedrum精通的乐器可不止一个两个,这种闭上眼便能联想到不同琴弦发出的不同声响的熟悉使他可以轻松地将各种音乐元素融入到单曲中。

Machinedrum频繁合作受尽主/亚文化媒体追捧的独立音乐人,其中包括Tiombe Lockhart, Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Azealia Banks, Mickey Factz等。

Machinedrum的采样方式可是出了名的“花式采样”,在他与MC Theophilus London合作的《This Charming Mixtape》以及Machinedrum 2009年的专辑《Want to 12?》中,你能听到包括现场录音到复古合成器音乐等不同层次的声音来源,不断让你在不同时空中转换。

Machinedrum最大胆的尝试是发布于Ninja Tune的LP《Vapor City》。《Vapor City》绝不止音乐这么简单。这是一个集音乐、艺术以及科技的全新世界。除了专辑。整个项目还包括一个艺术互动网站,为粉丝设计的数字公民计划,并在纽约举办了相应的艺术展览。

在之后,Machinedrum持续为项目注入新的音乐元素。他与包括dBridge和Om Unit在内的重量级人物合作了一首首震撼心脏的hard-core单曲,还开启世界巡演。《Vapor City》继续他对多媒体艺术和音乐的探索。自唱片发行以来,他与吉米·埃德加(JETS)共同演唱《The Chants EP》, 发行了纪念传奇DJ Rashad的EP《Movin'Forward》。在《Folding Time》中用一首《Sepalcure》重新定义了他与 Braille的合作,并发行了一系列令人头晕目眩的优秀混音作品。

自Machinedrum大受好评的专辑《Vapor City》发布以来,他从纽约搬到洛杉矶的回声公园,并发布了新的专辑《Human Energy》。这张专辑更加轻松,更加明亮,充满活力和温暖。如果说《Human Energy》之前的Machinedrum是高级音乐爱好者的品味私藏,《Human Energy》则将Machinedrum从地下音乐世界带到美国电子音乐界最重要的明星之列。就连音乐杂志《Pitchfork》也忍不住赞叹Machinedrum在向主流市场转换却完全不失独立音乐人品味的这种得心应手。

12月09日,Machinedrum将带来精彩solo live set, 天才怪奇音乐人的精彩现场绝对不能错过!

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