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UNKLE SOUNDS - Arkham, Shanghai

Heads up on STD's next soundstraveganza with experimental legends UNKLE SOUNDS! 

Formed in 1994, The original amalgamation of UNKLE consisted of musical alchemists and childhood friends James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy(future DFA records co-founder) adding psychedelic layers to a definitive trip hop melody. From there, the group reshuffled through several incarnations and "sounds," each partnering Lavelle with a range of artists such as DJ Shadow, Richard File, Thom Yorke, The Scratch Perverts, Mike D (The Beastie Boys), DJ Krush to name a few.


But the impact of the group was never just confined to music. Through its history, Unkle and its label Mo' Wax operated more like a multidisciplinary artistic community and visual collective. Manufacturing a vast body of work including art installations, toys, books, sneakers and clothing with collaborators such as Futura 2000, Ben Drury, Nigo, Will Bankhead (Trilogy Tapes). Not to mention some of the most iconic record sleeves of all time.

On April 15th, UNKLE SOUNDS will be bring their unique A/V show to Arkham hosting guest artists that have featured in their monstrous 20+ years discography. Do your eardrums a favour and make sure you don’t miss this rare performance.

DATE: Friday, April 15th
VENUE: Arkham, 1 Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
TICKET: 150RMB // 100RMB Presale

90年代,年轻的James Lavelle和Tim Goldsworthy创建起音乐公司Mo’Wax。发布旗下的第一张专辑Endtroducing,在电音界掀起风暴,直到今天都令人津津乐道。此后James Lavelle一直以UNKLE命名自己,进行创作,1998年发表专辑《Psyence Fiction》参与专辑制作的人物全都是鼎鼎大名的业界大咖,其中包括“Radiohead”的主唱Thom Yorke、The Verve的主唱Richard Ashcroft、“Jason Newstead、Badly Drawn Boy、Dj Shadow等人,专辑的封面艺术则由Futura2000出品,出品公司一栏都标上醒目的“Mo’Wax”。 

James Lavelle无疑是一名极具天赋的音乐人,各大Club不间断的盛情邀请令他分身不暇。他曾在屡居电音权威杂志DJmagazine,“世界百大俱乐部排行榜”前茅的Fabric Club担任驻场DJ,同时也是聚集各路潮人的Womb club与 Zouk
club的长期合作DJ。同时还为知名电音品牌Global Under-ground合成交杂House,Techno,Breaks不同曲风的音乐系列。

James Lavelle除了经营自己的音乐厂牌以及个人音乐生涯的发展之外,与各个艺术领域的跨界合作也从未停歇。他曾与The Bathing Ape主理人Nigo一起建立Mo’Wax art,将合作艺术家Futura2000的艺术概念衍生至产品,玩具以及时尚界。他也曾经与诸多时装设计师如Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens等有过深度的合作。

UNKLE 发展到今日已是10年,现在的UNKLE与以前相比呈现出更多元化的风格。此次James Lavelle 将会带着他的视觉团队一起,首次在中国大陆上演UNKLE Sounds A/V Show,他对不同种类音乐的深刻理解,使他的对音乐掌控自如,合成器与音效的自由转换,现场诡异多变的视觉效果,释放心底积压已久的激情,震颤在搏击的鼓点中。


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