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Bromance was conceived in 2011 by Parisian DJ and producer Brodinski along with his manager Manu Barron. Since then it has become a powerhouse in the electronic music scene, terrorizing dancefloors with banger after banger. 

With already 10 releases, 5 mixtapes, a prominent fashion label and dozens of parties all around the world to claim, Bromance has become one of the most recognizable tastemakers in the underground scene.

S.T.D. will be hosting a very special BROMANCE showcase along with four of BROMANCE’s most prominent artists Gener8ion, Guillaume Berg, Sam Tiba & MYD. If you like your music dark, loud and up in your guts then you'll want to be in HANGOVER to check this out.

Date: Friday, March 11th
Venue: HANGOVER, 6F, 2 DongGuan Zhuang LU
Entry: 120RMB // 100RMB with Wechat Scan

Bromance’s secret project,Gener8ion, better known under the name of Surkin, joined the label in 2014. Presented as a multidisciplinary project between music, visual arts and fashion, the mysterious Gener8ion is more than a one trick pony. After a first single released in 2014, “The New International Sound”, he is described in his video as being “universal but not radical, daring and contemporary, a postmodern tribute to our multicultural society.” His EP Gener8ion was released in June 2015. In the meantime, the artist gives us a promising foretaste with his second single entitled “The New International Sound (Part II)”, created in collaboration with the singer M.I.A. The result? A massive production which was all the rage in the summer of 2015! The Frenchman had already collaborated with the singer on “Matangi” and the remix of the famous song “Bad Girls”.

◆◇ SAM TIBA ◇◆
When he is not busy maturing some electronic reflections with Club cheval, Sam Tiba daydreams of worlds in technicolor, somewhere between Paris and paradise lost.

He developed a strong taste for forgotten genres such as jersey club and bubblin at the same time as he started learning music at conservatory, where he would pick the trombone — a puzzling choice, perfectly fitting his persona. In 2009, he founded the highly select Club cheval, rushing headlong to hammer the dancefloor withits up-tempo rhythms, rave remembrance and R&B, and a debut album expected for January 2016.

On his end, Sam went solo with Marble, Para One, Surkin and Bobmo’s label, releasing his first EP Black Eyed Weed in 2011, before a halt on Pelican Fly for The Saddest Show in Town disclosed two years later. He finally reached land on the label Bromance, founded by Brodinski under the sign of brotherhood, for his tryptic EPSamuel released in 2014 closely followed by Not Dead Yet — with another artwork fantasized by Nick and Chloé — expected for October 2015. Yet, he did not turn his back on his first loves and carried on producing rappers such as Bricc Baby Shitro, Bloody Jay and Jeff Chery, to name a few.

Anyhow, Sam Tiba is not ready to slow the pace of his impudence, borrowing both to classical music and to Timbaland’s frantic rhythms, with soul and melancholic pop always in mind. And he’s absolutely unapologetic for that because if souls are roaming free, feet remain on the dancefloor. 

Guillaume Berg is the creative director of Bromance but also a real all-rounder. DJ in his spare time, Berg does not care about genres or periods and arranges his set like a curator would do, from Dancemania productions to Jonathan Richman’s discography. Lately, he has found in Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s artistic direction, a new partner in crime and they joined forces in duo Paris, IL. 

◆◇ MYD ◇◆
Sound engineer, DJ, producer and founding member of Club cheval (with Panteros666,Canblaster and Sam Tiba), Myd is kind of an insatiable hyperactive, just like his music is.With his fellows from Club cheval, he released 2 EPs on Brodinski’s Bromance Recordsand has just put the last touch to their first album, which will be released later this year.He is also known as a producer, in a classical and pop definition: his name ends up in the credits for Theophilus London’s latest album (Vibes - Warner Bros. Records) alongside Kanye West and Leon Ware. 

He also worked with Dj Kore and Brodinski on the album of the latter (Brava - Parlophone). Under his Myd moniker, and after 2 EPs - Octodip and Freak Andy - on Paris-based label Marble, he joins the Bromance family with two tracks (Uberty and Brooklyn feat. Para One) on the HOMIELAND VOL.1 compilation at the end of 2014.Before the summer, he will release on Bromance a new solo EP: Numero Uno with 2 original tracks and 2 remixes.

在拥有了10张发行,5张混音带,以及一系列成功的派对之后,Bromance厂牌已经成为了地下音乐圈的标杆之一。而此次,S.T.D.将同时呈现来自Bromance厂牌旗下的四员大将,Gener8ion, Guillaume Berg, Sam Tiba 以及 Myd! 同时来自日本时装品牌PHIRE WIRE TOKYO的Kiri也将前来助阵!


Bromance 旗下的神秘企划Gener8ion,在2014年以一曲“The New International Sound”重磅出道。Gener8ion并不单单只是一名音乐人,这个神秘的企划也包括了时尚和视觉艺术。他的作品被称为“一个后摩登时代对于文化多样性的致敬”,穿梭于音乐,艺术,时尚与宇宙之间的后现代之声,越界于各种流派与场景中。在2015年,Gener8ion与M.I.A合作的第二首单曲The New International Sound (Part II),更是在业界掀起一阵狂潮。

在音乐学院学习的同时,Sam Tiba对类似jersey club等复古流派的音乐产生了浓厚的兴趣。在2009年创立了Club Cheval,起伏跌宕的强烈节奏,融合R&B的感性,造就了Club Cheval独一无二的音乐风格。
除Club Cheval以外,Sam也有不少个人作品,和众多优秀音乐人厂牌如Marble, Para One, Surkin and Bobmo厂牌都有过合作,并在2011年发行了自己的首张EP<Black Eyed Weed>。之后便植根Bromance厂牌,在2014年发行了首张EP<Samuel>,紧随其后在2015年发行了第二张EP<Not Dead Yet>。与此同时,他也始终没有放弃为Rapper们如Bricc Baby Shitro, Bloody Jay 和 Jeff Chery等制作新作品。
无论如何,Sam Tiba也不会放慢自己对音乐探索的脚步,从古典音乐到Timbaland的疯狂节奏,从灵魂深处到内心忧郁。

Guillaume Berg
作为Bromance的创意总监,Guillaume Berg的多栖发展使得他在当下巴黎音乐界以及时尚界风生水起。作为一名音乐人,他是来自Paris Social Club Jerkin'n'Out的派对主理人和驻场DJ,他的单曲和mixtape也每每在网络中掀起热潮。去年他与kanye west的艺术指导Virgil Abloh(off white)强强联手,组成的跨界组合PARIS, IL,将地下俱乐部文化在更广泛的主流渠道传播开来。

身兼调音师,DJ,制作人,Club Cheval创始人之一,Myd犹如音乐的多样性一般活跃在音乐圈中。与其他Club Cheval的成员一起已经在Bromance厂牌旗下发行过2张EP。身为制作人的他,他的名字也出现在了Theophilus London的最新专辑 (Vibes - Warner Bros. Records)中。 

同时也与DJ Kore 和 Brodiniski 一同筹备专辑(Brava - Parlophone)。在法国厂牌Marble发行了2张EP之后,他被囊入了Bromance厂牌旗下。在2014年在HOMIELAND VOL.1合集中发行了两首单曲。在今年夏天之前,他将发行最新的个人EP:Numero Uno 包含两首单曲以及Remix版本。
GUILLAUME BERG // R3票价:现场120 // 扫码加微信100