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Brodinski & Gesaffelstein - IBIZA, Shanghai

There’s never enough. Bromance Records brings Shanghai the ineffable pair Brodinski + Gesaffelstein.

The best thing about Louis Rogé dropping out of university is his very own lovechild, Brodinski. His passion for unearthing new music shows in his genre-hopscotch, making mixes that force you to groove with your headspins and not with the pretention of genre distinction. Hailing from Riems, France – he was quickly commandeered into the slew of French DJs mixing with legends like Tiga, Yuksek, and of course his fellow bromancer Gesaffelstein. Evidence of Brodi’s knack for joining forces can be found in releases such as Peanuts Club (Noob, on Turbo), Eurostarr (Mumdance, on Southern Friend), The Krays, Yuksek, and his hip-hop pal DJ Orgasmic for a rap inspired mixtape The Best of Everything.

The second best thing to come out of Brodinski’s drop out days is the debut release of Bromance with French producer Gesaffelstein. An explosive pair, the split EP is dedicated to an array of musical blends. Stoned Beats Vol. 1 offers “blunted rhythms and pumped up rhymes of southern hiphop and chopped n’ skrewed by Gucci Vump,” and includes their latest discography with mixes such as FabricLive.60, and Brodinski’s Let The Beat Control Your Body ft. Louisah. All their sounds exude a comprehensive mix of UK funk, house, and fancy footwork tunes described by internet bloggers as New-Techno.

Gesaffelstein’s work to Bromance adds a suavemente of dark and lustful beats. He is not the usual crowdpleaser as he may play extremely heavy-minded tunes, but it is with such precision that it gets the crowd completely immersed in his carefully planned sadistic yet respectful sounds. His Bromance – Summer Mix (Ft. Louisah) exemplifies the impressionate productions that Gesaffelstein provides us – as what some refer to as “musical art.”

This dynamic duo is one you can’t miss. Come well equipped for this one, because you’ll never want to leave this night of stimulation.

新晋巴黎厂牌Bromance如其名字所示般暧昧不清,主打双人组Brodinski & Gesaffelstein便由两位法国的英俊DJ/制作人组成,两人强强联手,在Electro/Techno界风生水起。此番Bromance Tour从欧洲出发,潜入亚太地区,中国路程唯一一站设在上海Ibiza Club,这场年度最帅的派对不可错过。 

Brodinski是近几年迅速崛起的俱乐部骄子,被BBC Radio 1的著名DJ Pete Tong评价为“新时代法国舞曲指标”。这位新新DJ已彻底告别黑胶,完全依靠网络制作音乐。与Soulwax、Boys Noize等同行交流甚密,他博采众长,对其他音乐风格照单全收。出道至今,勤奋的Brodinski已主理了多辑DJ Mix系列,其中包括了一辑时间超过两个小时的“The Best of Everything”和大名鼎鼎的Fabriclive系列。Brodinski亦在多个厂牌下进行发行了个人单曲,最新一则单曲是“Bromance #3”。持续的创造力和影响力让他在I Love Techno、Sonar、Summer Sonic、SXSW等音乐节上接连亮相。 

Gesaffelstein作为Tiga的Turbo厂牌下最有力的舞池武器,几年来在巴黎的各个Techno派对里持续现身,终于厚积薄发一跃成名,成为票房的有力保证。由好友The Hacker创立的Zone厂牌同Gesaffelstein也关联紧密,该厂牌的第一张出品便是Gesaffelstein的单曲。之后在Turbo下发行的数张单曲均以黑白面貌示人,以示冷酷的机械质感。去年发行的两件套“Conspiracy”单曲真正使他为更多人所知,Duck Sauce、Boys Noize、Moby等人也指定他为新曲制作混音。 

以Brodinski & Gesaffelstein之名,两人在去年年底发表了第一张线上单曲“Bromance #1”,两首曲目各自发挥,Brodinski更邀美国电子女将Louisahhh!加盟,精彩无比。Bromance Tour亦从厂牌创立之初便宣告启程,去年开始连续不断巡游世界,马上,我们就能在上海看到这两位男模般的帅气组合了.

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