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Simian Mobile Disco - Arkham, Shanghai

Londoners James Ford and Jas Shaw make up two men and three words: Simian Mobile Disco. Their final moniker comes from thwarted ambition and firm creative agendas, one that (fortunately for us) digressed from a group of four called “Simian” - on a rich indie pop streak – into the group of two that we know today on a rampage for electronic remixes.

Having produced a few electro tracks after Simian’s split, SMD gave themselves a foot in the door doing songs for labels such as Kitsuné and I’m A Cliché. The right place at the right time, one would say. Sleeping in bed with both indie pop and electro camps, their dynamic combination of music really catapulted them into the DJs of choice for both camps of music lovers. Not too long after, they were booked on tours everywhere: giving indie-tech to the hip kids and acid house to the smokers. Everyone smiled. And danced their asses off.

Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds dotes the two frontmen of SMD on their abilities: they just “make the magic happen…they receive outer-plantery signals through their hair and it come out through their eyes.” They’ve also gone on to produce albums and collaborated with Mystery Jets, Arctic Monkeys, Peaches, and Florence and the Machine.

A humble duo, they want to kindly commandeer Shanghai into their world this coming June – and there’s no doubt that we want it. We’re all waiting to be in it.

是一队来自伦敦的电子双人组,由曼城电子摇滚乐队Simian成员James Ford和Jas Shaw在2005重组而成,在Electro House之路上飞驰不回头,发行第一张专辑后人气飙升,在音乐杂志上不断抛头露面,也成为了大牌艺人们争相追捧的制作人。 

在不同厂牌发行了一系列单曲后,Simian Mobile Disco被新兴独立厂牌Wichita签下,同Bloc Party等乐队成为同门师兄弟。2007年发行的“Attack Decay Sustain Release”这张经典专辑里,初出茅庐的Simian Mobile Disco便一鸣惊人,带来了“It's the Beat”、“Hustler”等大热舞池金曲,专辑还力邀The Go! Team主唱Ninja加盟其中。同期推出的“BuggedOut!”俱乐部Mixtape里两位热血青年继续为独立舞曲谱写篇章。专辑推出后更担当Klaxons、The Chemical Brothers数场演出嘉宾,受到极佳回响。第二张专辑“Temporary Pleasure”里又有Super Furry Animals、Hot Chip、Gossip、Yeasayer等独立大团成员参与,不负众望将“Synthesise”、“10,000 Horses Can't Be Wrong”等单曲炒得火热。在为BBC Radio 1制作自己的Essential Mix后,乐队马不停蹄开启一连串计划,包括新的演出系列“Delicatessen”,并压轴了几场音乐节,同时宣布了新专辑的发行,这张众人期盼已久的风格转向Techno的专辑直到2012年才真正到来,“Seraphim”作为主打单曲再次掀起新的舞池旋风。在Simian Mobile Disco马不停蹄的忙碌岁月里他们和其他艺人展开密切的合作,除了为Air、The Kills、Klaxons、Ladytron、The Rapture等制作remix外,还与Bloc Party、Dieter Schmidt等联名发表单曲。 

今年Simian Mobile Disco在自家厂牌Delicacies发行了第二张现场专辑,最近还同北爱当红电子双人组Bicep合作全新单曲“Sacrifice”,结束一轮欧洲巡演后,Simian Mobile Disco终于飞赴上海,降临Arkham,和诸位共享爆棚夜晚。 

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