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Keith Ape - Arkham, Shanghai

Keith Ape is a rapper from South Korean rap label Hi-Lite Records and hip-hop collective The Cohort. 

You may have heard of Keith Apes track, “IT G MA” featuring JayAllDay, Loota,  Okasian, and Kohh. The track and official video became a global viral sensation and Keith quickly gained the attention of key tastemakers in the United States and beyond. Within a few months, the official video had over 12 million views and musicians from around the world were reaching out to Keith to collaborate.

Keith then put together a remix version of “IT G MA” in what Complex called a “groundbreaking moment in convergence culture, in which a kid from Seoul crosses continents to link up with homies from Atlanta, L.A., and Harlem, all in the name of hip-hop.” The remix features verses from A$AP Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, and Father and it released on OWSLA (a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group), the label curated by the electronic music producer & DJ, Skrillex.  

With a number of successful releases under his belt, Keith is poised to continue on the path of his meteoric rise and we are excited to bring him to the Middle Kingdom this November for two shows!


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哈喽,性感帅气风趣美丽的人儿们,继S.T.D 8周年/万圣大趴,我们将呈现又一位耳目一新的音乐人——来自韩国的Keith Ape。Keith Ape的全球效应很有当年鸟叔的影子,尽管游走在地下世界的“怪胎”始终与商业世界间隔着无形的障碍,却使他保有个人风格最纯粹的滋味。这位年轻的首尔音乐人于今年1月放出单曲IT G MA,声嘶力竭的带感hip hop迅速蔓延到大洲以外。几个月的时间里,IT G MA 官方视频的点击率超过百万,为带牙套的瘦小少年打开世界最嚣张的几扇音乐大门。

随后,野心勃勃的Keith Ape 在Skrillex.的厂牌OWSLA下, 联合A$AP, Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father等知名艺人,发行IT G MA系列remix。这组混音合辑以病毒传播的速度,迅速占领Complex, Fader, Pigeons & Planes, World Star Hip Hop, Fact Mag, Music Times等在音乐世界有着绝对发言权媒体、音乐终端的版面头条。IT G MA登上Spotify与 Hype Machine全球最热十大单曲磅,并且在Twitter上掀起#ITGMA 风潮。此次KeithApe的中国行,分别来到上海与广州两个城市。Oh,再好的音乐genre也有审美疲劳的时候,在每个周末的西方音乐轰炸下,是时候听点不一样的东西了!

地点:SD Livehouse ,广州市海珠区工业大道北132号“花城往事”创意园7号楼(悦品四季酒店正门旁)上海站日期:11月14日,周六,10pm
OFFICE :上海市静安区延安中路1135弄7号101室(周一-周五,12pm-7pm)[仅售上海站预售票]
SD Livehouse: 广州市海珠区工业大道北132号“花城往事”创意园7号楼(悦品四季酒店正门旁)(每天8pm-2am) [仅售广州站预售票]

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