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Dream Koala - Arkham, Shanghai

Yndi Ferreira, AKA Dream Koala, is a young, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Paris. Since the age of 14, he’s been crafting sounds across multiple genres/instruments, developing himself into a skilled architect of wistful and melodic dream states which he presides over peacefully, guitar in hand.

Ferreira is young but active, and his talent is widely recognized. He’s played Boiler Room, has remixed top acts such as Banks and Angel Haze, and is touring in the wake of his recent EP, The Odyssey. He is equipped with a set of misty, ethereal vocals that float weightlessly above his deeply ruminative soundscapes. Each track is elemental and whispering, conveying a warm pathos that is ultimately comforting and reflective. Above all though, the experience is entrancing and trippy, the kind that may even have you wondering who slipped what into your drink.

This live set is not to be missed by the sonically curious. Arkham will be shrouded in warm, vibrating fantasy, and you can be too. Come unprotected.

Line-Up: Dream Koala, R3, ADO8, Downstate
Date: Saturday, July 26th
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu
Ticket: 50RMB

在巴黎成长的Chillwave新星Dream Koala是当下最值得瞩目的音乐人之一,18岁时便发行了自己的单曲,同时早已游历各大舞池,加上为Angel Haze和The 1975作remix这些经历都让他时刻不停地站在聚光灯下。

Dream Koala善长杂糅传统音乐元素,再覆上自属独特肌理,就如Flying Lotus的天才实验范儿掺入My Bloody Valentine的动人篇章,完美呈现戏剧化听感。2013年Dream Koala与Noisey(Vive)合作推出的“Odyssey”是他职业生涯的第一座里程碑,在BBC Radio 1首播,继而仅用3个月就在Soundcloud上获得150000次播放量,更在Hype Machine的榜单上攀至第4位。

这位只有19岁的“资深”制作人和歌手在今年5月又发表了最新EP“Earth. Home. Destroyed”,用5首歌描绘一个所有动物都消失不见的未来,意欲唤醒人们的环保意识,在有机音景和电子元素里游刃有余,Dream Koala继续用自己的音乐风格雕刻这个世界。


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