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Para One - Arkham, Shanghai

Parisian DJ/sonic magician, Para One, is Shanghai-bound and set to take over our dance halls. He’ll be setting up shop at Arkham where you’re advised to stop in for a dose of his genre-mashing and dance-crazy electronics.

The man behind the moniker, Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, began his foray into music production amidst the French hip-hop scene in the early 2000’s where he found success as producer for famous Parisian rap crew, TTC. With this hip-hop foundation Laubier set off in myriad other directions, delving into house, electro, IDM (the list goes on) and remixing songs for the likes of Ellen Allien and these guys called Daft Punk. Also, when he is not busy nurturing noises Laubier is dipping his toes into the film world, directing short films and producing soundtracks.

His second album, Passion, came out this past summer, and is a slick fusion of hip-hop, house, funk, soul, glitch-hop and more. The production is as tight as it gets and the sound is progressive and ambitious, reminiscent of contemporaries such as SBTRKT, Machinedrum, and Skream, to name a few. For Laubier it is not about where the sounds come from but rather where they will take us that we’ve not been before. He’s giving us an experience. He will lead. We will follow. 

Come dance and be happy. 

Date: August 24th, 2013
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
Ticket: 70 RMB Presale, 100RMB Door
Support DJ: STDJ’s

为当下最红的DJ/制作人,又担当电影导演,多面手Para One是法国电子乐界不可忽视的一员重量级明星。十年前从巴黎另类嘻哈团体TTC出道,之后以个人大碟“Epiphanie”一鸣惊人,再用为同志电影“Naissance Des Pieuvres(水仙花开)”所作精彩电影原声为更多人所知。继一年前Surkin来沪,S.T.D.再邀新兴电子厂牌Marble 另一创始人Para One在流金8月登陆Arkham。 

担任TTC制作人时,Para One已开始展现过人才华,主导了组合最热门单曲“Dans Le Club”。同TTC另一制作人Tacteel合作现场即兴电子组FuckALoop,发行了一张现场线上专辑“The Early Aughties”,9小时的全长让人惊叹,最后一曲记录了05年在上海Club 60的演出,是为Para One与上海的第一次珍贵接触。个人计划同期进行,2003年的单曲“Beat Down”作为现在已经关闭的Institubes厂牌的第一批出品推出。发行“Epiphanie”后,Para One接连受邀为Daft Punk(“The Prime Time of Your Life”)和滨崎步(“Greatful Days”)制作Remix,获得巨大关注。在去年,Para One时隔良久发行了个人第二张专辑“Passion”,其中与Irfane和Teki Latex合作的 “Every Little Thing”成为了被疯狂播放的大热单曲。人气不断升温的他在今年受邀参加众多重要演出,除了为著名的Fabriclive之夜压轴,还奔赴瑞士的Montreux Jazz Festival、波兰的Burn Selector Festival、德国的Berlin Festival等音乐节。 

2004年以来,Para One总共导演了三部电影,而2009年的“It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy”尤为出名,这部风格诡异的科幻短片还参加了洛杉矶的Scion Installation展。

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