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Shigeto - Arkham, Shanghai

Zachary Saginaw is a Detroit-based producer/performer who has been realizing virtuosic jazzy breakbeats under the name Shigeto for three years and counting. He is touring on his 2013 album, No Better Time Than Now, and will burrow in for one night at Arkham where he will sweep us all away with his sonic sorcery.

Saginaw's soundscape recalls the downtempo hip-hop and trippy astral jazz of Brainfeeder's LA-squad, but is undeniably singular in its technicality and musicianship, which translates into a "how is he doing that" type of live performance. He is a maestro of the jazz drums persuasion and incorporates his skill live in a process of weaving tone, texture, rhythm, and ambience into one intricate fabric. His tracks are complex and contemplative, saturated with syncopated polyrhythms, and are capable of eliciting delicate beauty from dark abrasive spaces. It's awesomely intricate stuff that the body understands before the mind does.

No Better Time Than Now celebrates the beautiful infinity of "now." If you also celebrate this, and if you enjoy watching an amazingly talented musician extract jazz lines from a vat of hip hop, then there is no better time than November 6th to stop by Arkham to see Shigeto's first live show in the middle kingdom. You know we'll be there.

Date: November 6th, 2013
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
Ticket: 50RMB

与我们阔别两年的Ghostly International厂牌中坚Shigeto再次受S.T.D.之邀回到上海,不久前发行了第3张全长专辑“No Better Time Than Now”的他此番将携鼓手带来live set。 

出道便在Ghostly International的Shigeto,其独立创作的发表从未改换门庭,自幼的音乐训练让他积累扎实功底,带入电子乐领域同样受用,自2010年发行第一张单曲“Semi Circle”一炮走红,这位并不执着于高产的音乐人凭借内敛气质赢得相当数量的歌迷追随。 

受密歇根音乐影响颇深的Shigeto在去年也终于由布鲁克林移居他的梦想之地,这个电子乐城让他暂时停止在创作里追溯家族历史,开始描绘当下。Shigeto延续其在优美旋律上的天才灵感,仍沉迷于丰富层次音场的营造,日本、英国、美国等多文化背景带给他横跨不同风格的想象力。维系深刻Shigeto印记的阴冷氛围、迷人合成器声响、错综复杂的制作加之爵士乐肌理,亦呈现众多更新换代的微妙细节,两首主打单曲“Ringleader”和“Detroit Part1”分别杂糅Hip-hop节拍和怪异行进速度,还有Shigeto亲自上阵钢琴弹唱,相必这些独属于2013年的新声音也将在上海的现场出现。

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