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The Big Pink - Arkham, Shanghai

Robbie Furze, Milo Cordell and Vicky Jean Smith. These are the musicians that make up The Big Pink. They're an electronic rock band from London with an massively immersive sound worthy of The Band their name pays homage to. These three Britons have lit up stages around the world and are finally coming to Shanghai to show us all what love sounds like!

Furze and Cordell joined as musicians of a rather disparate ilk, so their coalescence necessitated something huge. On one hand, Furze was venturing in experimental industrial directions while Cordell was busy driving Merok records, the label that loosed the violence of Crystal Castles upon the world. After signing with 4AD they wrought A Brief History of Love in 2009, their epic debut LP teeming with euphonic energy and nearly bursting at the seems with the breadth of its sound. They then followed up with Future This in 2011 and are allegedly working on a third album as we speak. 

You should come see these guys, not because Pitchfork said they were good, but because we know you love that feeling when the music is so big you vibrate. That feeling will be there, in the context of love. What more is there?

Date: October 17th, 2013
Venue: Arkham
Address: 1 South Wulumuqi Lu, Hengshan Lu
Ticket: 100RMB

作为传奇独立厂牌4AD旗下最具人气的新鲜力量,来自伦敦的The Big Pink亦以其标志性的电子摇滚风格树立东家的新风貌。2009年横空出世时,The Big Pink携大热单曲“Dominos”一时间红遍独立乐界,而当年NME年度最佳新人的殊荣也赋予了乐队三位年轻人。首张专辑“A Brief History of Love”在纽约著名的Electric Lady Studios录音,BBC6认为它展现了爱的各个方面,无论是好坏或是无聊。Debut专辑一口气发行了五张单曲,其中“Velvet”被Pitchfork称作为乐队技术成熟的自我致敬,让人叹为观止。之后的巡演脚步遍及欧洲、日本、美国、澳大利亚,在2010年也登陆了Coachella Festival。风头正劲的The Big Pink在完成自己的工作之余也同其他音乐人展开热络合作,邀大制作人Alan Moulder重新混音“Velvet”,再请Gang Gang Dance为其remix,随后为TV on the Radio、Muse等乐队担任开场嘉宾。 

Milo Cordell离队后,The Big Pink正式成为了二人组,Robertson Furze司职主唱吉他,Vicky Jean Smith担当鼓手,2012年的第二张专辑“Future This”也脱胎换骨剥离出道时的风格,玩得更加淋漓尽致,更大胆采样Siouxsie and the Banshees和Laurie Anderson,丰富多彩之余也让人有梦回八零年代的惊喜。 

2010年他们与4AD的伙伴们集体亮相摩登天空音乐节,显然那次The Big Pink的表演并不尽兴,于是去年在Facebook上再度发声欲到中国再献演。终于在今年10月,由S.T.D.和Jalouse艺术时尚共同呈现,我们要在上海看到全新的The Big Pink了


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