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Breakbot & Irfane - Arkham, Shanghai

We’ve all seen the beloved animated character on the interweb – you know, that staunch bearded man with the iconic white tee and electric blue shorts, or that sly smile hidden under that beard again with the blue navy suit? Well, whatever the camouflage, Breakbot is finally making his real-time appearance on Arkham’s stage.

Breakbot (Ed Banger) is a French electro wunderkid, crafting lofty dance tunes in all of his feelgood DJ sets. He has reached acclaim all over the world for melting the best elements of electro, commercial dance, funk, pop, and hip hop tunes together. He caught onto fame in 2006 with his first remix of Justice’s “Let There Be Light,” and then quickly went on to break his production debut with the Happy Rabbit EP. Now, providing that Parisian touch of his, his in-demand remixing career has led to work on tracks by Digitalism, Sebastien Tellier, Röyksopp, Metronomy, Van She, and more. In 2010, Breakbot released his Ed Banger production with the instant hit, Baby I’m Yours ft. Irfane.

As his bio describes it, Breakbot “is basically Justice if they wrote songs about the beach and summertime and pool parties, instead of the whole epic religious vibe.” By the looks of it, Breakbot tries not to take anything too seriously, preferring to use his comic animation skills for quirky memorabilia and keeping his mixes cool and shady for a no fuss kind of evening.

No one should miss this coming to life performance – so bring your head swivels and the best dancing shoes you have the night of the 26th!

原名为Thibaut Berland的Breakbot目前身居法国知名电子厂牌Ed Banger Records旗下,这个培养了Justice的新晋唱片与Breakbot一拍即合,在2010年为其发行了12"单曲“Baby I'm Yours”,将这位电子天才的白T恤+蓝运动短裤的形象推向舞池。 

身兼DJ/制作人/CG艺术家数职的Breakbot从法国的Supinfocom动画学院毕业,曾经和Oury Atlan、Damien Ferrié在2005年制作了一部电影“Overtime”,后来赢得了几项业界大奖。擅长导演广告和录音带的Breatbot在做音乐时同样有着强势姿态,他融合了朋克、迷幻摇滚的复古电子乐风格显得特立独行。2007获伦敦独立厂牌Moshi Moshi青睐,发行了第一张单曲“Breabot”。而后真正让他走红的金曲“Baby I'm Yours”配合优质录音带在全球传播甚广,还入围了英国音乐录音带大奖的几个奖项。近几年来为同门师兄Justince以及Röyksopp、Metronomy、Air等同行们所作remix让他获得极高评价。2012年推出首张专辑“By Your Side”,延续一直以来的形象,轻松的合成器,跳脱的吉他还有七零年代管弦乐,实在是讨人喜欢。 

和Irfane的合作因“Baby I'm Yours”为人所知,两位齐心协力在2012年发表了第一张联名单曲“One Out Of Two”,曲名好似两人关系的写照,歌曲配器继续合成器+吉他,趣味十足,颇有新浪潮流行曲遗风。这次双人巡演即是携新曲之势将复古电子风吹到上海,亦是Breakbot去年全球巡演的延续。

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