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White+ - 390, Shanghai

A new experimental music project, White+ has blossomed out of Beijing, China. The coming together of Shouwang, frontman of the popular group Carsick Cars and acclaimed drummer of The Gar, Wang Xu, have set off new sound waves to be enjoyed in the country's music mecca. Infused with pulsing sounds and looming beats, their music showcases a range of delicate structures rooted in the duo's minimalist style. The new genre pioneered by this pair,"hardware electronica," has become the exemplifying force in Beijing's underground music scene. 

With their origins stemming in 2010, White+'s spare vocals, customized keyboard sets, hypnotizing pedals and loops, and indulgent drum pulses all stemmed from the influential live venue D-22 when it began hosting weekly experimental nights coined "Zooming Night." The pair's creative concepts and modes of performance show an ethereal accompaniment to the band's swelling web of effects and melodies along with its propelling drum beats. One of their fans described their live show as "a detailed and accurate cell division;" its no wonder the well known noise band Health (our good friends!) invited White+ to open up their show on their China tour. 

Last year in 2011, White+ recorded their first album at the celebrated Ander ebaustelle Studio. Their songs instinctively named after all the proper tones of the color scheme, captivates fans with a deep field of warm and chilly noise. Old friends, Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten produced their album, while Yang Haisong from PK14 and Marco Paschke, a frequent collaborator with EN, handled the mixing for White+’s debut album. The album's cover was designed by Fu Han, the vocalist of Queen Sea Big Shark. The end result of this musical collaboration can be check out here.
Come and join the S.T.D. family on the 14th of December to chill out with the heavily anticipated group, White+ (White Plus). 

2010年成军的二人硬件电子组合White+系张守望一系列”White”计划中的一支,亦是兵马司大家庭中的奇怪一员。两位成员守望和王旭分别来自Carsick Cars和嘎调这两支兵马司旗下的人气乐队,他们几乎抛却了所在乐队的大多数痕迹,用合成器+打击乐,义无反顾投入到极简主义中。

此次专辑巡演距新专辑发行已有一段时间,首张同名专辑在大名鼎鼎的柏林andereBaustelle录音室由Marco Paschke(Einstürzende Neubauten)担任制作人完成了首张同名专辑。9首曲目以9种颜色命名,这张色彩斑斓的专辑正式发行后获得一致好评,成为众多乐迷的年度最佳之选。忙碌的双人组在过去的两年间不停奔波于世界各地,最近刚刚结束北京大声展声音单元和柏林Worldtronics音乐节中国单元,便又马不停蹄开始广州/深圳/香港/上海/北京五城DIY探索之旅,与6位年轻影像艺术家合作多首MV也将随新专辑巡演的启程同步放出,让White+的音乐概念在现场演绎时更为立体完整。

上海新晋演出场地390成为此番White+登陆点,如果你是第一次加入White+的现场观众行列,12月14日的夜晚完全不需在脑海中堆积过往的White/Carsick Cars/嘎调种种,White+五光十色,却冷峻不羁,是全然不同的另一种迷人场景。

Later Event: December 29
Yuksek - Arkham, Shanghai