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Tiga - Arkham, Shanghai

No need to despair the Shanghainese winter – Tiga arrives December 1st.

Origins of Montreal born DJ-producer blossomed from “a world of filth and decadence” that consumed the 1980′s Indian club scene. Entranced by these incidents, he had no choice in the matter but to spread his learned filth onto his hometown. Being the main face behind Montreal’s rave parties, he started SONA, the infamous after-hours club that tacked on the sleepless nights in Montreal’s growing electro scene. In the late 90′s, Tiga started the his own record label, Turbo Recordings, gone to release music with the likes of Proxy, ZZT, Boys Noize, and Gesaffelstein.

Now, Tiga is praised for his well-known remixes, including LCD Soundsystem - “Tribulations,” Scissor Sisters – “Comfortably Numb,” Telepopmusik – “Breathe,” Peaches -”Shake Yer Dix,” Soulwax – “E- Talking, Moby – “Where You End,” just to list a few off his musical repertoire. In 2009, Tiga released his second album “CIAO!” where he collaborates with Soulwax members Stephen and David Dewade, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, and producers Jesper Dahllbäck, and Chilly Gonzales.

In his field, he’s considered “the DJ’s DJ,” a moniker given to him for his immaculate technique, extensive knowledge of electronic music – all combined with his undeniable showmanship.

Aside from his amazing track record, he’s also managed to make his face known with an acting portfolio, debuting in the film “Ivory Tower,” and as a host in BBC 6′s show “My Name is Tiga.”

A character in his own, this charismatic renaissance man is one you do not want to miss. Leave all your responsibilities behind that night – and revel in Tiga.

Tiga来自蒙特利尔,现在已是誉满全球的加拿大国宝级DJ/制作人。上世纪90年代初Tiga便开始了音乐生涯,在派对和音乐节目中历练多年,并参与了传奇的SONA俱乐部的建立。1994年Tiga创办了DNA唱片店,1998年他又创办了自家的Turbo厂牌,为Proxy、ZZT、Boys Noise、Gesaffelstein、Azari&III等DJ/组合发行作品。 

Tiga走向幕前初期主理了“Montreal Mix Sessions”的第1辑和第5辑,继而以Tiga & Zyntherius的组合为名cover了流行歌手Corey Hart的热门单曲“Sunglasses at Night”大获成功,初次冲击英国榜单便进入top25。其后与Mateo Murphy、Richard X、Booka Shade、Boys Noize等各路好手合作了数量众多的单曲,其中最为人所知的莫过于同Soulwax和Scissor Sisters主唱Jake Shears合作的“You Gonna Want Me”,此曲被选为雪碧的广告单曲。深耕良久的Toga终于在2006发行了第一张个人专辑“Sexor”,这张为其赢得了全球影响力的作品同样是一张集大成之作,在封面致敬Bryan Ferry,Soulwax、Jesper Dahlback参与到了专辑的制作中,当年的Juno Award将年度舞曲最佳专辑授予了它。2009年同一团队继续创作出了第二张专辑“Ciao!”,传奇天团LCD Soundsystem主脑James Murphy和Chilly Gonzales亦加入其中。在此之前,Tiga与Zombie Nation的组合ZZT也宣告成立,并在去年发行了第一张专辑“Party Over Earth”。 

在2002年,Tiga还主理了标杆性的“DJ-Kicks”系列,优质选曲囊括Electro风格精华所在,大受欢迎,最终还再版了一次。为Depeche Mode、LCD Soundsystem、Pet Shop Boys、The xx、Scissor Sisters、Peaches等所作remix更是数不胜数。除此之外Tiga在BBC Radio 6曾拥有一档节目,去年还出演了电影《象牙塔》“Ivory Tower”,最后赢得了洛迦诺国际电影节的特别提名奖。 

这位多产的天才是这样形容他没有一刻空闲的生活的:“我们活在这个残酷的世界, 而我每天都为了找到歇脚的地方而忙碌不堪, 而我知道我能为这个世界付出的只有更多的狂欢及灯光。