Based in Shanghai, S.T.D. (Sonically Transmitted Disease) is a collective.
A family. An escape from trends and bad music. An experiment. A collaboration. A party.
A venture between the acoustic and the electronic. S.T.D. is a purpose, we invite you all to come unprotected.




Gita is an Oakland-raised and Shanghai-based raptress by way of NYC. She kicked in the door on rap a few years back with her debut single (and video), “Hood Rich,”, which channels her sweet-and-sour style and is ripe with her 90’s-tinged vision. The sound is a wild kaleidoscope of grime, grit, and bass punctured by vicious verse thrown like right-hooks. 2013 saw the release of her debut EP, Escaping the Dream World, which is self-written, produced, and released, revealing an even huger chunk of Gita’s singular creativity with stand-out tracks like “Mardi Gras” and “Let That.”

Her name and reputation have pulled comparisons between contemporaries such as Kreayshawn and Azealia Banks but this girl is paving her own path 100% with a head of hot-pink hair and a twisted mix of grime and glamour. She’s already been billed with names like A$AP Ferg and Mykki Blanco, and has been featured all over the place including Hunger TV, The Fader, Vice, and many more.

Gita is one of the one’s to watch out for these days, simple as that. She’ll be performing at Arkham this Saturday with support from Downstate, Ado8 and R3. So come by, kick back, and get down.




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