wearestd.com is a team of talented individuals connected through their undying love of all things awesome. With S.T.D. established as the driving force of independent gigs and parties in China, wearestd.com gathers some of Shanghai’s most intriguing personalities together to help bring us up to date news and insight on their respective industries.

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wearestd.com 是由一群多才多艺并热爱着美好事物的年轻人组成的团队。随着S.T.D.在中国逐渐成为独立演出和派对的强大推手,wearestd.com集结上海最时髦个性的年轻人,并带领我们深入洞察他们各自的行业,了解那些正在发生的新鲜资讯。

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